Peter Cherbi & the Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman battle it out in the press

03 Oct

How do you defend a lie ? simple … tell another lie, and another and another and another .. until, at least in the eyes of those in control of the situation, that lie becomes the truth … want an example of this ? then head over to and read the articles on the Shirley McKie case, where a Glasgow Detective was framed by the Scottish Criminal Records Office for over 9 years with fake fingerprint evidence …. but when it originally happened – and the SCRO did their bit … everyone jumped in and covered up for them .. so Ms McKie had to wait for 9 years before she gained some measure of Justice … although the story of corruption and criminal cover up in that case rumbles on ….

So, back to me…

Me & Garry Watson – the former Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman, never really saw eye to eye on his investigation of the complaint against Andrew Penman, but he did at least, reveal to me, the extent of the cover up and conspiracy within the Law Society of Scotland to ensure that Andrew Penman – the crooked lawyer who ripped off my father’s estate, got off with a slap on the wrist …

I had a meeting with Mr Watson, while he was in his post as Legal Services Ombudsman, and I have to say, it was a good meeting, at least I had thought so .. quite amiable, and I gave him a few points of my own which I wanted looked at, which he agreed to …

The problem, however, came after his report – when the Law Society of Scotland had a go at his recommendations in his report, refused to re-open the Penman case, and quashed any further discussion of it ….

Watson, of course, despite his protestations to me that he wanted the Law Society of Scotland to reveal what had actually happened, and what was said about my character by James Ness, the representative of Andrew Penman at the Complaints Committee …actually went back on his word .. and, from my questioning him in further letters .. started to re-write parts of his report so that it wasn’t really too big a deal whether the Law Society re-opened the case or not !!! … how about that !! .. a big rip off by a Kelso lawyer in the Scottish Borders goes unpunished … and the cover up which took place to keep everything quiet goes swept under the carpet !!!..

Yes, I was annoyed at this – actually .. bloody incensed I would say .. but as you can see from the various articles on this site, I had a lot of press coverage & attention so I used it over the various articles to expose what actually happened in my complaint … and found through the many people who had contacted me over the press articles .. that it had happened to them too …

Well – I’d say that was a criminal cover up by the Law Society and those in the Scottish Office & later the Scottish Executive … because they knew well what was going on … but did nothing about it, and made sure that my life was made hell while the lawyers involved get fat bonuses and payouts for avoiding any financial damages being paid out to me .. and all those other clients they ripped off over the years …

Anyway … as an example of what extent these people were determined to defend their lies .. they would regularly write misleading letters in the national press, in response to the articles on me & other ripped off clients … Douglas Mill (Secretary of the Law Society of Scotland) for instance, was a great one for writing anti-client letters while protesting the innocence and hallowed status of Scotland’s legal profession .. and Douglas Mill is a man so obsessed with particular client’s cases such as mine, he would, as you have seen in earlier articles, interfere directly in my legal funding from the Scottish Legal Aid Board and block it … also, occasional politicians would join the letter fray, in support of the Law Society, of course … and even Garry Watson, the Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman would be there .. writing, many times alongside Douglas Mill and other Law Society of Scotland officials in what had the grand appearance of a contrived defence of the legal profession against us, the public … amazing stuff !!!

An example of these kinds of legal profession ‘propoganda letters’ follows, where as you can see, Garry Watson defends his point to the hilt, assisted by none other than Brandon Malone … who was at least then, the SNP assistant spokesperson on “Justice & Equality” …

Of course, their letters were easy to trash, as you can see by my own response … and the contradictions in Mr Watson’s letters versus his actual report on my case, are quite evident .. I wonder .. did he tell the lie so much he believed it too ???

so the question is .. do YOU think I – and many others like me, have received “Justice & Equality” at the hads of the legal profession ???? not bloody likely I think … and even while I write this article, clients of Scottish lawyers are being ripped off up and down the country … and complaints against crooked lawyers are rocketing ….

Bravo, Ministers of the Scottish Executive .. who allow this criminal cover up to continue …..

Wonder what happened to Garry Watson ?? well, he also sits on the Complaints Investigatory Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland .. and was also the first Scottish Parliamentary Standards Commissioner !!!! .. and just look at the standards we actually have in the Scottish Parliament !!!!

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