Insult to victims of Nazi holocaust as Scots Banker Grossart claims former RBS Chief Sir Fred Goodwin endured ‘shades of Kristallnacht’

02 Aug

sir angus grossartScots Banker Sir Angus Grossart claimed his friend Sir Fred Goodwin has suffered over public attacks & broken windows. SCOTS LAWYER TURNED BANKER SIR ANGUS GROSSART has claimed former RBS Chief Executive Sir Fred Goodwin, the man dubbed as the “World’s Worst Banker” after his takeover of the Dutch banking giant ABN Amro, lead to the near collapse of RBS and subsequent multi billion pound bailout by UK taxpayers, has been treated as bad as the victims of Nazi Germany’s holocaust. where millions of Jews were rounded up and sent to Concentration Camps.

Fred GoodwinAn insult to victims of Nazi Germany : Sir Fred Goodwin’s suffering compared by Scots Banker to victims of holocaust. Sir Angus Grossart, speaking in an interview in the Scotsman group’s Scotland on Sunday newspaper, and widely quoted in today’s Telegraph newspaper claimed the attacks on his friend Sir Fred Goodwin, who Grossart maintains has been made a “scapegoat” for the banking crisis, believing Sir Fred has apparently suffered effects from the public attacks on his character and actions as former Chief of the Royal Bank of Scotland, as bad as the suffering of Jewish victims of the terrors of Nazi Germany.

Grossart shockingly compared the broken windows of Goodwin’s Edinburgh mansion to “Kristallnacht”, (the Night of Broken Glass), an anti-Jewish pogrom in Hitler’s Nazi Germany which took place in November 1938 where up to 30,000 Jews were arrested and placed in concentration camps while 91 victims were murdered, 267 synagogues were destroyed and thousands of Jewish homes and businesses ransacked.

An insult to victims of Nazi Germany’s Kristallnacht : World’s Worst Banker’s broken windows brought little sympathy after banking collapse (Click on image to watch video)

Sir Angus, who is in regular contact with Sir Fred, said: “I think he’s very sad at the way he was victimised. Shades of Kristallnacht. Clearly he made a mistake as did most people in the financial world, most people in government, most people in regulatory organisations. “There is no doubt he was going to be criticised, but I think there is a deliberate attempt to polarise the criticism, to some extent, as a distraction, a scapegoat kind of thing.”

Sir Angus added: “A lot of people, including those in government, were also involved in mistakes and they did not have bricks thrown through their windows.”

I have news for you, Sir Angus – a lot of people in regulatory organisations make a lot less mistakes than we are led to believe.

There are quite a few characters in those regulatory organisations who, rather than make mistakes, deliberately let those they regulate off the hook, even when some of them have caused deaths. In fact, some of those people in regulatory organisations have covered up deaths and benefitted financially from them, an issue I reported on earlier with regard to the Scottish legal profession, here : Suicides, illness, broken families and ruined clients reveal true cost of Law Society’s Master Policy which ‘allows solicitors to sleep at night’

This latest attempt to rehabilitate Sir Fred, who amazingly still retains his kighthood for services to banking yet those services led to the biggest banking collapse in the UK’s history, affecting millions of people across the globe in a financial crisis which has seen many lose their jobs, homes, livelihoods, is a mark of the determination of some around Goodwin to bring him back into public life.

Douglas Mill 4Former Law Society of Scotland Chief Executive Douglas Mill defended Sir Fred Goodwin after RBS banking collapse. Others around Sir Fred such as Douglas Mill, the ex Law Society Chief Executive who was himself brought down after the now infamous “Granny’s Grave” Holyrood confrontation with the Scottish Government’s Finance Chief John Swinney over corruption at the Law Society of Scotland, have publicly defended Goodwin, preferring to blame the lack of regulation of banks for the failures which led to the public vilification and attacks on Goodwin’s character which Sir Angus Grossart referred to.

“It wasnae him” : Former Law Society of Scotland Chief Douglas Mill defended Sir Fred Goodwin, blamed lack of regulation rather than ‘World’s Worst Banker’ (Click on image to watch video)

There seems to be no depths some people will go to rehabilitate or defend those who have brought our banks, and the country to its knees.

Comparing the broken windows of Sir Fred Goodwin’s mansion to the suffering of German Jews in the holocaust is an insult unrivalled so far in anything I have seen written about Sir Fred Goodwin and the banking crisis.

We should all beware those who would use such unrivalled evil from world history to rehabilitate those whose actions have caused so much calamity in our modern times, actions which spring from greed, and deserve no sympathy.


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