Unfit for Consumer Consumption : How the Law Society views itself illustrates why consumers will never be protected by Scots lawyers regulator

17 Dec

Law Society of ScotlandThe Law Society of Scotland’s latest foray into the world of video gives a rose-tinted view of regulation. THE LAW SOCIETY OF SCOTLAND have, in a rare foray into the world of published video footage, given notice they intend to apply to the Scottish Government as an “approved regulator” of legal services in the ‘new’, ever-so-slightly expanded Scottish legal services market which will begin to take shape next year, 2011, after the passage of the Legal Services (Scotland) Act 2010 which came into being as a result of a less than successful consumer campaign to open up Scotland’s justice sector to allow wider access to justice for Scots who have until now, been forced to use the services of a solicitor (member of the Law Society of Scotland) or advocate (member of the Faculty of Advocates) to obtain legal services or access to justice.

The 4m Crooked Lawyer - Daily Record 1991You cant mention the Law Society without mentioning crooked lawyers. The video footage, apparently posted by legal insiders, also shows a stunning arrogance on the part of Law Society officials, who remain unrepentant about the way the organisation has treated everyone in the past. On-camera performances from the Law Society’s top officials may lead readers to wonder why even some solicitors accused the Law Society’s top brass of voting fiddles & much more in the ever so slightly overcooked debate on Alternative Business Structures (ABS) and the Legal Services Bill at the Scottish Parliament, accusations & squabbles which boiled over in the unforgettable televised interview with the Govan Law Centre’s Mike Dailly and the former Law Society of Scotland President, Ian Smart, HERE

Current Law Society President Jamie Millar introduces the meeting with a joke on abs & Toyota which goes down with the audience like an old British Leyland Morris Marina (click image below to view video)

Unfit for Consumer Consumption : Law Society of Scotland’s Director of Regulation Philip Yelland discusses the Law Society’s new regulatory role relating to the Legal Services (Scotland) Act 2010 (click image below to view video)

Practice Rules changes : Digital images, digital fiddles, a consultation & money laundering rule changes also announced by the Law Society’s Phillip Yelland (click image below to view video)

More video footage from the Law Society’s meeting can be viewed at Lawtalks including footage of the Law Society’s ‘current’ Chief Executive Lorna Jack & others discussing what are issues which will heavily affect Scots consumers of legal services.

Call me old fashioned, but I always thought Douglas Mill could give a better speech, and well .. a much more honest indication of just how honest the Law Society of Scotland really is when it comes to regulation of ‘crooked lawyers’ ..

Douglas Mill tells the Scottish Parliament he never became involved in crooked lawyers, while John Swinney reveals Mr Mill did exactly that … (click image below to view video)

Just why the Scottish Government would allow the historically crooked & unrepentant Law Society of Scotland a position as an “approved regulator” in the new post Legal Services Act expanded legal services marketplace in Scotland is beyond the realm of common sense, or concern for protection of consumers & fee paying clients who will again, suffer the Law Society of Scotland, and now the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission’s anti-client, anti-consumer attitudes on regulatory matters where protection of the public & fee paying clients should come first, not last.


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