Having difficulties, problems with the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission and your solicitor ? You are not alone. Its time you tell someone about it

26 Jun

SLCCHave you complained about a lawyer ? The Scottish Legal Complaints Commission deals with nearly 1000 people a year, most cases are unresolved. AROUND ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE A YEAR since October 2008 who have been ripped off by Scotland’s legal profession have been placed in the unenviable position of having to complain about their solicitor to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission (SLCC), the so-called ‘independent’ regulator of complaints against Scottish solicitors which has, in its three years of existence, upheld only one single complaint against an unidentified solicitor, and has made not one single referral to the Scottish Solicitors Discipline Tribunal, a worse record than even the Law Society of Scotland.

Many of these complaints to the SLCC come from individuals with families or dependants, who are also caught in whatever sting, rip-off or embezzlement their solicitor has committed against them, thus greatly enlarging the numbers of people affected by the actions of ‘crooked lawyers’ in Scotland every year, well into the thousands, yet no statistics are kept, no help is given to these people, there is no one to speak for them against the legal profession, and worst of all, the legal profession will see to it most or all complaints are buried, and never reach a court, where, lets face it, the chances of obtaining a fair hearing against a pack of lawyers in a Scottish court is almost impossible to achieve.

Scottish Law Reporter are currently looking at the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission and its many failures in the field of complaints against solicitors and are looking to hear from people who have dealings with, have been treated or have been sent to the Law Society of Scotland by the SLCC. I am part of the project, so you can be assured of its pro-consumer intentions.

Given my coverage of the SLCC and many investigations which have revealed a notoriously anti-client culture at the law complaints quango, I would encourage anyone who has previous or current dealings with the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission to contact Scottish Law Reporter at, giving them a summary of your case, how you have been treated and what happened with your complaint, if anything. Your information will be treated in the strictest confidence. If however you wish your case to be published, make sure you say so in whatever information you send in.


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