Season’s Greetings to readers, injustice campaigners, and victims of injustice in Scotland & around the world

24 Dec

Lewis Chess Christmas 2Season’s Greetings from Diary of Injustice in Scotland. EARLIER this year, Scottish judge & Deputy President of the UK’s Supreme Court Lord Hope described Scotland’s justice system as containing “a corrosive anti-English sentiment” adding that this “sentiment can be a real obstacle to progress”. Scotland’s justice system is exactly that, and much worse besides. Whether the case relate to criminal or civil law, there is ample evidence in the opinions, rulings, attitudes & activities of more than a few members of the Scottish judiciary to show that Scotland’s “Victorian” justice system and its courts serve themselves and the interests of vested interests before they serve justice.

Scotland’s courts have become corrosive, vindictive, people-hating places which regularly stamp upon anyone whose interests collide with vested interests of the professions, big business & the establishment. In short, ‘justice’ in Scotland is bought & paid for, long before you, the public, the litigant, even the party litigant, ever get a look-in.

As another year draws to a close on reporting the ins & outs and ups & downs of the Scots legal world, a year in which some will find themselves struggling against a bleak midwinter of injustice brought upon them by a justice system we are taught will protect us all, I’d like to wish all my readers, in Scotland & around the world, my colleagues in the media, all victims of injustice, all those who tirelessly fight against injustice or fight for consumer rights, & those inside the Scots legal profession I personally know who bravely serve their clients in the interests of justice rather than in the interests of others, Season’s Greetings, a Merry Christmas, and good luck for the New Year, 2012.



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