2012 New Year message from Scotland : Become the hunter and not the hunted. Stand your ground & rise up to those who cause you injustice

01 Jan

raptor visitorHappy New Year 2012 to readers & campaigners fighting injustice in Scotland & around the world. EVER EAGER to stand up for itself and survive is the garden visitor which has been picking off the habitually greedy fat pigeons that eat all the food put out for the smaller birds to survive. Of course, you just know the visiting raptor might well have a few of those small birds if things get tough but the fat greedy pigeons who never miss a chance to take everything stand out – they are much easier to spot, a bit like those in the community who hide behind a cloak of respectability, surviving by taking over other people’s livelihoods, possessions, splitting up families, even taking life itself, and ultimately making death a business of personal plunder, for profit to pay for their own lifestyles. You all know who I mean.

During last year, 2011, I received many contacts from people who were depressed, at their wits end, some at the end of their life and all because of the trust they had placed in politicians, public servants, banks, doctors, self-branded ‘financial experts’, debt advisers, and of course, members of the legal profession who were brought in to resolve legal problems yet ended up taking more from their clients than they put in.

Some people spoke of committing suicide because of what had been done to them, yet no help was on offer and everyone in authority turned a blind eye to their predicament. Some were at the end of their tether over the lack of help they were receiving from people elected to office who are supposed to be ‘public servants’ and a growing number of people felt there was no hope left to them, that life was not worth living after solicitors and the legal profession had ripped through their lives leaving a path of destruction it is simply not possible to recover from.

For those of you in Scotland and around the world whose lives are held hostage to injustice, whether the injustice is at the hands and actions of prejudicial self-serving & self-motivated politicians, an unjust, corrupt justice system and those within it, or at the brutal hands of a profession or vested interests, make 2012 a turning point by doing something about it. Take back your lives and make a start by publishing your story of injustice, naming & shaming those who commit these crimes and injustice against you. Protest if you like, as it is your right to do, tell your fellow man and do whatever you can, all within the law. Do something, don’t do nothing.

Wherever you are, make 2012 your spring by breaking out of the perpetual winter handed to you by those who clothe their naked villainy with old odd ends, stolen forth from you by unjust writ, and seem a saint when most they play the devil.

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